5 Yoga Benefits for Wellness - Flexibility, Stregth and Posture

Monday, May 09, 2022

Yoga has become extremely popular in recent times, but is actually an ancient practice that has been vital to health and wellness. In this blog post, we look at 5 yoga can benefits for wellness, like flexibility, strength and posture.

5 Yoga Benefits for Wellness

If you're looking for an activity that can boost your overall wellness, yoga may be the answer. Yoga has a wide range of benefits, from improving cardiovascular health to reducing stress levels. Here are five yoga benefits that can help improve your overall wellness.

  1. Improve Flexibility, Strength and Posture

Doing yoga everyday stretches and tones your muscles, with postures such as the plank working the whole upper body - These are simple exercises that will be accessible for most people to do and don't require any specific equipment - With techniques outlined for beginners through to advanced practitioners, you will grow and naturally see your body adjust over time - All of which will help you feel more confident about yourself

  1. Increase Energy

Yoga is often practiced in conjunction with meditation and meditative breathing techniques - Meaning that the combination of exercise, breathing and relaxation can help give you an energy boost for the day ahead - This is because yoga is designed to awaken energy centres, of chakra, in the body - ...and various poses, such as the cobra pose, are specifically designed to help your intake of oxygen to help this process.

  1. Reduce Stress

Yoga has been shown to greatly benefit people suffering with stress by helping to reduce stress - This is because yoga is made up of three key components used in combating stress, which are exercise, breathing and meditation - It has also been shown people practicing yoga are better able to control their heart rate, thus keeping it lower - Stress can also cause insomnia, which again, yoga has been found to help people deal with and get a good night's sleep

  1. Feel Happier

Interestingly, yoga has been found to actually help people feel happier and be emotionally stronger - This is because doing yoga, like any exercise, helps to increase Serotonin levels, the hormone that makes you feel happier - So doing just 15 minutes of yoga everyday can significantly help your mental health - Studies have also shown that the brain's gamma-aminobutyric levels are higher after practicing yoga, with GABA levels being associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety.

  1. Improve Concentration

To practice yoga needs concentration, focus and control in order to gain the most benefits - As you do poses, you also need to focus on your breathing patterns, which serves to help your mind relax and take in more oxygen - This will help you gain mental clarity, helping your memory and focus as a result - By feeling more relaxed and less tense, we help to recall memories or thoughts more easily, helping our mental cognition.

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